Why some comments don’t get posted on SEO Theory

We have, thankfully, not been spammed to death in the comments on this blog. In fact, I don’t recall seeing any spam comments, although I suppose it’s only a matter of time before they show up.

Today we deleted a comment that was shared in good faith and was somewhat relevant to the post. The comment was deleted, however, because it was sharing a very specific, well-detailed explanation of a black hat technique (not extremely so, in my opinion, but it was still black hat).

I have learned a great deal from black hat SEOs. Studying how the dark siders do it teaches me a lot about why the light siders get slammed. It also shows me how to be competitive without having to create thousands of bogus links.

Still, I’d prefer not to see black hat techniques shared in depth on this blog. I am not allowed to do black hat stuff for my clients, and I am not allowed to teach my staff how to do black hat SEO, and I’m pretty much expected to NOT write about it except in a general fashion.

So, if I can’t discuss the Dark Side, neither can you. Sorry, guys. I completely understand the enthusiastic joy one feels in sharing in-depth how-to knowledge, but this ain’t the place to do it. I don’t own the blog and I’m not selling or providing black hat SEO services.

Besides, Doug Heil just added us to his list of recommended SEO firms and, frankly, I would feel like I was acting in bad faith to start sharing black hat techniques openly here (even if only by allowing people to share them in comments).

P.S. To the commenter: I was aware of those specific tricks, oh, several years ago. Yes, they still work today. But I would never put a client site at risk by using one of those techniques. Hence, I would never put my own site at risk by using them, either.

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